Tips For Online Trading

The paradigm shift from physical buying to online shopping is certainly a time, money and energy saving mantra for shoppers. However, there is a great deal of uncertainty as to whom you are dealing with, what is the quality of the product you are buying and will you be able to have your money returned… – Blogs Release August 2014

Listen, Leverage and Lead – Customer Service and Customer Complaints Handling In the simplest words, complaints can be termed as dissatisfaction expressed by the customers in the context of the products and services of any company. A successful company is the one which is committed towards finding effective solutions for problems being faced by its… – Blogs Release July 2014

Benefits Of B2B Marketplace B2B is business-to-business operation wherein a company sells all its goods and services to other companies. Thus, B2B is a term which records market transactions between different companies. In the B2B market place, a company forms a relationship with re-sellers, suppliers and distributors. The entire volume of B2B transactions is more…

Benefits Of A B2B Directory

B2B (business to business) is based on transaction among businesses for commercial basis. Hence, to look up buyers, sellers, dealers, manufacturers etc a common platform that has been established online is referred to as a B2B Directory. It is a place where anyone owning a business can register. Now the question arises why register on…